1. onward.

  2. i'm coming for you san francisco

    So here's the deal San Francisco. While I've been living in Hawaii, we've been having this long distance relationship. Sometimes I'll come visit you, sometimes a part of you will come visit me. This game of cat and mouse has been driving me mad, and I know we would be so good together

    So why all the games? Why do you tease me with all the things I love about a city? All the people I love about a planet? All the creativity and charm I love about a universe? No one likes a tease.

    I say we get serious. Let's take this relationship to the next level. Lets settle down and make some magic happen. I'm coming for you San Francisco. And I'm going to find a way to win you. Because I've been in love with you since the day I set foot in your bike lanes.

  3. take me to your leader.

    And together we will accomplish many great things

    My name is jon lewis, I'm a designer, and I believe that if you want to be great at something, you don't do it by being better than everyone else. You do it by surrounding yourself with greatness, with people that inspire you, and by eating lots and lots of ice cream.

    my work if you're interested