I'm Jon Lewis, a design entrepreneur and black man currently occupying space in Honolulu, San Francicso, Washington DC. I'm a co-founder of the tech startup, Circa Victor, where we build tools that empower government professionals & journalists to make data driven decisions in our political system.

Outside of Circa Victor, I serve as Design Partner at Sudokrew while also advising a handful of startups with focuses on emerging industries. In the winter of 2014 Apple was kind enough to recognize my work at a tech company called Elevate by naming us App of the Year in more than 30 countries.

Before moving to DC I lived in San Francisco where I worked with a handful of venture backed companies like Willcall, 500 Startups, and Plaid. Before moving to The Bay I played my part in forming the tech community back home in Hawai'i.

I believe in good people, good music, and good whiskey.


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Selected Works

Circa Victor

Running a democracy is expensive business. The modern campaign finance landscape has altered the face of elections to the point where data and facts take a backseat to emotion and relationships. I co-founded the political-tech company, Circa Victor, with two of my best friends a few years ago. Circa Victor is a big data company that builds tools that empowers every political professional and journalist to make data driven decisions in our political system. I serve as Cheif Product Officer.


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Words Read on Medium

Elevate 2014 App of the Year

Elevate is a brain training app that builds confidence in skills like reading, writing, and math. I joined the product team to lead a squad of talented animators and engineers on a mission to make the world a smarter place. Shortly after launching Apple named us App of the Year in over 30 countries.

Fin The Premier Financial Technology Magazine

Banking, investment, financial regulations, wire transfers. It's a lot to wrap your head around. I helped the team at Plaid to launch the web's first financial tech magazine aimed at illuminating the complexities of the finance industry and the technology that powers it. Meet my buddy Fin.

Special Projects

Sudokrew - Design Partner

This crew is made of Professional Problem Solvers. Sudokrew is a world class product development agency based in Hawaii. As the design partner at Sudokrew I collaborate with the team to invent new ways to solve problems in spaces like renewable energy and mordernized education.

Pow Wow - Digital Design

With a dedicated team focused on celebrating diverse cultures and art, Pow Wow has grown from a creative gathering in Hawaii to a worldwide phenomenon. Since launching the movenment has made it's way to Los Angeles, Japan, Taiwan, and even Wahington D.C.

Wake - Design Interview

As a designer leading teams across a variety of industries, creating a constructive space for collaboration has always been a struggle. I had the chance to talk to the team at Wake about my approach to team building, design collaboration and knowledge transfer.

The Kitchen Sink


Founder + CPO Circa Victor
Design Direction Plaid
Product Design Lead Elevate
Product Design Lead Urbanstems
Bridge Alumni Designer Fund
Product Designer Willcall
Product Designer Storenvy
Product Designer Comprendio
Design Partner Sudokrew
Design Direction Pow Wow Hawaii
Product Design Fiat Chrysler
Design Direction Nella Media Group
Product Design Blue Planet Foundation
Creative Direction Participant Media
Creative Direction Hawaii Cocktail Week
Brand Design Hawaiian Fresh Farms

— Mahalo nui loa